PwC/AGEFI Monthly Barometer - June 2016

Every month the MRC's team of economists issues this barometer for the Luxembourg and European economy. This indicator tracks recent fluctuations in the Luxembourg market and in the overall Eurozone.

Waning confidence in Luxembourg and Europe has caused our barometer to drop back to +11 this month, a 23 point drop from last month.

After recording extraordinarily high confidence last month, Luxembourg has seen its investors’ morale fall, though it remains in positive territory.

Key messages:

  • Prior to Brexit, the OECD expected growth to settle at 4% and imposed a spending cap to meet medium-term budget challenges.
  • STATEC has identified the international financial environment as a source of uncertainty.
  • Prior to Brexit, investor confidence in Europe was moderate, with the European Commission’s latest forecasts predicting 1.6% growth in 2016, owing to the slowdown in emerging economies.
  • The Eurozone business climate continues to be dominated by uncertainty in response to the geopolitical situation and Brexit.

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