Market Research

Market Research is essentially an in-depth exploration of how markets behave, including analysis of individual companies, organisations, financial institutions and governments. Starting with a macroeconomic view, we will drill down to the sub-segments of the market and analyse the trends impacting your business.

The PwC Market Research Centre team is passionate about working with clients at every level in businesses, institutions and governments and has acquired relevant expertise in the public and private sectors by leading a large number of diverse projects. Discovering what clients want, need, think and do is our business.

Your Objectives

  • Identify market opportunities
  • Assess competitive positioning
  • Improve market visibility
  • Monitor market developments & trends
  • Gain a better understanding of global and local markets

Our Solutions & Strategies

  • Market studies
  • Benchmarking analysis, product & competition analysis
  • Thought leadership papers, articles, factsheets, brochures
  • Market watch, primary and secondary research
  • Economic research


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